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Building Information Modeling is already here. But, all across the globe, companies are facing a great challenge trying to develop a strategy to implement BIM and maximize the benefits of building virtually. Many feel that it is almost impossible to switch from 2D to BIM or to optimize their current BIM setup. At Virtual building Studio, we are specialized in supporting companies in the building industry by offering a number of important elements that are necessary to develop the BIM strategy that suits your company.

BIM Implementation Advisory

Be on the right track from Day 0 with a well-constructed enterprise BIM roadmap & standards. Construct and standardize BIM workflow through the direct transfer of Virtual Building Studio’s extensive knowledge and experience.

BIM Training & Handholding

Award-winning 3D BIM Modeling, 4D BIM Simulation, 5D BIM quantity takeoff & project finance management and 7D BIM facility management service.

Project-Based Training

Train according to your need. Speed up the establishment of your own BIM team with hands-on courses specially designed based on your unique project.

The Virtual Building Studio Way to Work

Our Unique, Special Formula to Successful BIM Implementation

BIM Roadmap Advisory

The essential process for every enterprise when transitioning from traditional CAD wokflow to new BIM workflow, ranging from the match of new BIM technologies with company’s demand and future targets, to the creation of new values and insight into the project, thanks to the newly available BIM data.

Standards Establishment

The guideline which standardizes BIM workflow of individual projects of different nature. Establishing best practices for different projects among various disciplines, ensuring smooth handover of BIM model data from upstream (owners, architects & engineers) to downstream (contractors & operation teams).

Project Implementation

Direct transfer of BIM knowledge and project experience through our quality BIM manager service, lowering the learning curve by adopting our mature BIM working methodology, developed based on our extensive 150+ project experience, at the same time speeding up the BIM technology adoption process for project teams.

Data Integration

BIM data integration produces scientific BIM data which brings forth the new era of evidence-based approach to decision-making, project management, cost control and facility management, creating huge opportunities for project teams to eliminate three major problems: project delay, rework and overbudget.

Live Monitoring

Live Monitoring of projects and buildings is no longer a dream. BIM environment makes all kinds of data accessible to management teams, from project progress, current cashflows, to energy consumption and building performance. With such live building data, teams can now identify problems, develop KPIs, and analyze various performance improvement options.

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