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Our MEP BIM Services

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Scan to BIM

Effortlessly integrate MEP scans into precise BIM models for seamless coordination.
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Clash Detection/Co-Ordination

Identify and resolve clashes among MEP systems, enhancing coordination and efficiency.
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Shop and Fabrication Drawings

Generate accurate shop drawings specific to MEP disciplines, facilitating smooth fabrication and installation.
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Revit Family Creation

Develop custom MEP-specific Revit families, ensuring compatibility and consistency across projects.
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Value Engineering

Optimize MEP systems from an engineering perspective, striking a balance between cost and performance. Achieve efficiency without compromising functionality.

6 Key Reasons Engineers Benefit from Outsourcing BIM Services


Expertise and Specialization

Outsource MEPF BIM services to access specialized knowledge in scan to BIM integration, clash detection, shop drawings, Revit family creation, and value engineering.
02 Cost Saving

Cost Savings

Reduce expenses by avoiding in-house BIM teams and software investments, benefiting from cost-effective outsourcing solutions.
03 Time Efficiency

Time Efficiency

Delegate complex BIM tasks to experts, allowing MEPF engineers to focus on core activities and accelerate project timelines.
04 Advance Tools Technology

Advanced Tool & Technology

Gain access to cutting-edge BIM software and technology without upfront costs, ensuring accurate and efficient project execution.
05 Scalability

Scalability & Flexibility

Adjust resources as per project needs, optimizing workforce allocation and achieving operational flexibility.
06 Focus Core

Focus on Core Competencies

Outsource BIM services to professionals, enabling MEPF engineers to prioritize design, analysis, and project management while leaving BIM-related tasks in expert hands.

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