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At Virtual Building Studio, we nurture a collaborative and inclusive work culture where creativity thrives. Our diverse teams of top talent are encouraged to share ideas and challenge conventions, driving innovation in the BIM industry. We prioritize continuous learning and support professional growth, while also fostering work-life balance. Join us and be part of a passionate team that makes a positive impact through cutting-edge solutions and community engagement.

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Business Development Manager

    Number of Positions: 2
    Location: Ahmedabad
    Shift: USA

    BIM Executive MEP

      Number of Positions: 3
      Location: Ahmedabad
      Shift: USA

      Structure Specialist

        Number of Positions: 1
        Location: Ahmedabad
        Shift: USA

        BIM Manager - MEP

          Number of Positions: 1
          Location: Ahmedabad
          Shift: USA

          Unmatched Employee Perks Await You

          Career VBS Icons 59

          Stellar Compensation

          Rewarding hard work, competitive salaries.
          Career VBS Icons 60

          Knowledge Unleashed

          On-the-job training, staying ahead.
          Career VBS Icons 61

          Wellness at Heart

          Comprehensive health coverage, prioritizing well-being.
          Career VBS Icons 62

          Culinary Delights

          Delectable meals, fueling productivity.
          Career VBS Icons 63

          Applauded Achievements

          Celebrating your accomplishments, moments of pride.
          Career VBS Icons 64

          Wanderlust Worthy

          Thrilling sponsored team adventures.
          Career VBS Icons 65

          Celebration Central

          Vibrant social club, fostering connection.
          Career VBS Icons 66

          Oasis of Inspiration

          Knowledge and relaxation combined.
          Career VBS Icons 67

          Nurturing Growth

          Supporting your professional journey.
          Career VBS Icons 68

          Health Shield

          Comprehensive medical insurance coverage.

          What motivates us?

          Explore our core values to understand our identity!

          INTEGRITY: In conduct, thought and action.
          RESPECT: For every opinion, idea and expression.
          COMMUNICATION: Open and unbiased.
          RESPONSIBILITY: For every action, outcome and consequence.
          TEAMWORK: Common goals in pursuit of excellence.
          INNOVATION: Continuous improvement in what we do best
          OUR PEOPLE: Thinking in “Uniqueness “of each individual and equal opportunity.

          Life at VBS

          Work hard, play hard – our energetic and balanced approach to life.


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