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Custom families for accurate design representation and increased productivity

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    Our Revit Family Creation Services

    Tailored, parametric Revit families. Enhance BIM modeling with our expert Revit Family Creation services, optimizing visualization and efficiency.

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    Architectural BIM Object Creation

    Furniture | Foundation | Door | Window | Casework | Railing | Entourage | Ceiling | Stairs
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    Furniture BIM Object Creation

    Office | Living Room | Outdoor & Patio | Bathroom | Entertainment | Bedroom | Kitchen & Dining | Game Room
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    Structural BIM Object Creation

    Column | Steel Section | Connections – Mounting parts, Base plates, Gusset plates | Beam Section | Stiffener | Truss
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    HVAC BIM Object Creation

    Fan Coil Unit | Air Handling Unit | Diffusers, Registers, Grilles | Fire Damper | Fitting & Valve
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    Mechanical BIM Object Creation

    HVAC Duct | HVAC Pipe (Valve, Strainer, Hanger) | Duct Hanger | Air Terminal
    Revit Family Creation

    Electrical BIM Object Creation

    Switch & Socket | Distribution Board | Transformer | Fire Alarm Devices | Lighting Fixtures
    Revit Family Creation

    Plumbing BIM Object Creation

    Pump | Valve | Fittings | Pipes & fixtures | Fixtures (Urinals, Wash Basins, Water Closet) | Devices- (Measuring devices, Gauges)
    Revit Family Creation

    Building & Construction Product BIM Object Creation

    Roofing | Flooring | Elevator | Doors | Paint | Finishes | Stone | Masonry | Siding | Walls | Windows | Stairs | Railings |Insulation | Landscape | Plastic | Metal | Glass | Wood & Timber | Concrete
    Revit Family Creation

    Equipment & Product BIM Object Creation

    CCTV | Valve | Communication, Data & Network | Computer & Servers | HVAC | Water Supply Products | Fire Detection & Alarm Systems | Fitness Equipment | Food Service | Audio Visual Systems | Integrated Panel Systems

    For Our Revit Content Creation Services

    Benefits of Revit Family Creation Services

    Revit families ensure accuracy and consistency, while flexibility, optimization, and compatibility updates increase productivity and future-use potential.


    Custom Revit families can be created to meet specific design requirements, ensuring that building components or mechanical equipment are accurately represented in the project.


    Standardizing naming conventions, categories, and parameters across families ensures consistency throughout the project and facilitates collaboration between team members.


    Parameters can be adjusted as needed, allowing for flexibility in the design process and making it easier to accommodate changes in the project.

    Increased Productivity

    A library of families can save time and increase productivity by providing a ready-made set of components that can be easily inserted into the project.

    Enhanced Performance

    Optimizing Revit families can improve performance and reduce file size, leading to better overall project performance.


    Regular updates to Revit families can ensure they remain compatible with the latest versions of Revit and other software platforms, avoiding compatibility issues.

    Future Use

    Custom Revit families can be saved for future use, reducing the need to recreate components for future projects and saving time and effort in the long run.

    For Our Revit Content Creation Services

    Process for Our BIM Object Creation Services


    Define Object Geometry

    Develop a 3D representation of the object through modeling or importing from other software.

    Define Object Parameters

    Integrate and configure diverse Revit parameters, encompassing dimensions, materials, and properties.

    Incorporate Custom Functionality

    Enhance the family by integrating tailored functionality and custom features for specific adjustments.

    Quality Testing

    Rigorously assess the Revit family's quality, implementing necessary changes to align with specific guidelines.

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