As a global automotive leader, they manages numerous manufacturing facilities across the USA, with plans for further expansion. Efficient space planning and accurate scan to BIM processes are pivotal for enhancing the optimization of these facilities.

Type of Engagement

Dedicated Resource

Number of Resources


Type of Projects

Scan to BIM

Before state

  • They had to manage multiple vendors, freelancers, and their in-house team for scan to BIM conversion and space planning jobs.
  • The process involved collecting quotes from various vendors, comparing them, and deciding on the best option.
  • Despite efforts, They encountered discrepancies in the quality of work delivered by different vendors, leading to dissatisfaction.
  • They allocated high-cost dedicated resources to supervise and manage vendor operations, contributing to increased expenses.
  • They also faced significant challenges with hiring delays and attrition, further complicating their operations.

Seeing the need for a change, They searched for simpler ways to do things. That's when they discovered Virtual Building Studio, a company that offers Dedicated Architects and Engineers with Scan to BIM Expertise in just 3 days, without any long-term commitment.

Impressed by the idea of having dedicated architects, They chose to work exclusively with them. This move was a major leap forward for They, helping them save both time, money and efficiency.

Current State

  • They now relies on a consistent team for all tasks, eliminating the need to manage multiple vendors.
  • The process of collecting and evaluating multiple quotes has been eliminated, making the workflow much simpler.
  • With a dedicated team in place, They retains knowledge better and consistently delivers quality work.
  • By getting rid of expensive resources and streamlining operations, They have saved a lot of money, estimated to be four times more than before.
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Team Structure

US Automotive Company's
ROI and Cost Savings

BenefitNumber of Dedicated ResourceHiring Workforce in the USAHiring Workforce from VBS
Dedicated Architects1

Starts from

Starts from

US Automotive Company
Dedicated Architects5

(Salary + Insurance + Software/Hardware + Administrative Costs)

Cost Savings3 Times0$36000
What’s visible is just the tip of iceberg; there’s lot more going on below
Staff Hiring Time-45-60 Days3 Days
HR & Onboarding Cost-$5000$0

Working Methodology

Features of the Dedicated Resource Model Enjoyed by US Automotive Company

Top 1% Dedicated Architects

New Dedicated Resources onboarded within 3 Days

Month-to-Month Commitment

Available during PST Time

Equipped with AI Tools and Automation Plugins


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