AECOM, a leading infrastructure consulting firm, faced hurdles like limited BIM expertise, high costs for architects and engineers, and tight deadlines. This case study explains how they overcame these obstacles, enhanced competitiveness, and boosted team efficiency without increasing the budget using our solutions.

Type of Engagement

Dedicated Team under Build-Operate-Transfer (B-O-T)

Number of Resources


Type of Projects

Drafting, SD to CD Sets, Modeling and Clash Detection & Coordination

Before state

  • High Resource Cost: AECOM faced significant challenges with high resource costs in Singapore, straining their operational expenses.
  • Skill Shortage in Singapore: A shortage of skilled resources in Singapore, especially in technologies like BIM, posed hurdles for AECOM's projects.
  • Tight Deadlines due to BIM Adoption: The adoption of BIM technology led to tight project deadlines, challenging AECOM's ability to meet project timelines.
  • Exploring Competitive Advantages: AECOM recognized the need to enhance operational efficiency to gain a competitive edge over rivals in the industry.

AECOM swiftly expanded its team of architects and engineers from 0 to 50, utilizing our proprietary DRM solution through a Build-Operate-Transfer (B-O-T) engagement.

In just 8 months, we facilitated this growth, achieving an average onboarding time of only 5 days. Our onboarded team significantly improved efficiency across drafting, SD, DD, CD sets, modeling, clash detection, and coordination projects.

Current State

  • Cost Reduction: AECOM successfully reduced costs by engaging our dedicated globally expanded remote team, relieving the strain of high resource expenses in Singapore.
  • Global Resources to Address Skill Shortage: Access to a global talent pool enabled AECOM to mitigate skill shortages in Singapore, ensuring access to the expertise needed for their projects.
  • Continuous Work on Same File: With time zone-aligned dedicated professionals, AECOM benefited from uninterrupted work on the same file, driving productivity and efficiency.
  • Boosting Confidence for Establishing GDC: This engagement boost AECOM's confidence in establishing a Global Delivery Center (GDC) in India. This move empowered them to harness the benefits of global talent and cost-effectiveness, further enhancing their competitive edge.
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Team Structure

AECOM's ROI and Cost Savings

BenefitNumber of Dedicated ResourceHiring Workforce in the USAHiring Workforce from VBS
Dedicated Architects1

Starts from

Starts from

Dedicated Architects50

(Salary + Insurance + Software/Hardware + Administrative Costs)

Cost Savings4 Times0$290,000
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Staff Hiring Time-45-60 Days3 Days
HR & Onboarding Cost-$3,000$0

Working Methodology

Features of the Dedicated Team Model Enjoyed by AECOM

Top 1% Dedicated Architects & Engineers

New Dedicated Resources onboarded within 5 Days

Available during SGT Time

Equipped with AI Tools and Automation Plugins


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