Sunway Construction encountered formidable obstacles in managing a pivotal government project that required proficiency in Building Information Modeling (BIM). Internal skill shortages and previous disappointments with outsourcing intensified the urgency for expertise and streamlined operations.

This case study explains Sunway Construction's odyssey, elucidating their strategies in overcoming hurdles and attaining triumph with our proprietary DRM solution.

Type of Engagement

Dedicated Resource

Number of Resources


Type of Projects

Drafting, SD to CD Sets, Modeling and Clash Detection & Coordination

Before state

  • Big Government Project with BIM Scope: Sunway Construction faced a major challenge: a significant government project requiring Building Information Modeling (BIM) expertise, which their team lacked.
  • Skill Shortage in Existing Team: Adding to the dilemma, Sunway Construction encountered a shortage of skills within their current team, slowing project progress and jeopardizing deadlines.
  • Frustration of Outsourcing: Despite previous attempts at outsourcing, Sunway Construction experienced frustration and inefficiency, leaving them searching for a better solution.
  • Need for Rapid Team Development: Feeling the pressure, Sunway Construction urgently needed to develop a skilled team quickly to meet the project's demands.

Sunway Construction discovered our unique proprietary DRM solution and promptly expanded its team of architects and engineers from 0 to 30. The average onboarding time was just 5 days, and this engagement has persisted for the past 7 years.

Within a mere 2 months, we facilitated this remarkable growth, achieving an average onboarding time of only 5 days. Our onboarded team markedly enhanced efficiency across drafting, SD, DD, CD sets, modeling, clash detection, and coordination projects.

Current State

  • Pioneering BIM Adoption: Sunway Construction is at the forefront of adopting BIM technology, leading the industry and setting new standards.
  • Established BIM Processes: The company has implemented structured BIM processes and methodologies, ensuring smooth and efficient operations across all projects.
  • Consistent Team Performance: Sunway Construction has maintained a cohesive and high-performing team consistently throughout the project lifecycle, fostering collaboration and excellence.
  • Improved Bottom Line: With the integration of BIM and streamlined processes, Sunway Construction has experienced remarkable enhancements in bottom-line results and productivity levels, marking a significant milestone in their journey towards success.
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Team Structure

Sunway Construction's ROI and Cost Savings

BenefitNumber of Dedicated ResourceHiring Workforce in the USAHiring Workforce from VBS
Dedicated Architects1

Starts from

Starts from

Sunway Construction
Dedicated Architects30

(Salary + Insurance + Software/Hardware + Administrative Costs)

Cost Savings3 Times0$156,000
What’s visible is just the tip of iceberg; there’s lot more going on below
Staff Hiring Time-45-60 Days3 Days
HR & Onboarding Cost-$2800$0

Working Methodology

Features of the Dedicated Team Model Enjoyed by Sunway Construction

Top 1% Dedicated Architects & Engineers

Culture-fit Dedicated Team

New Dedicated Resources onboarded within 5 Days

Available during MYT Time

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