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Converting Your 3D Survey Data Made Simple With Our Scan to BIM Services 

Want to convert the scans of your existing buildings and structures or fetch the as-built information post-construction? We’ve got you covered. Choose our Scan to BIM process that is versatile and apt to provide information-rich 3D models of your existing structure, including commercial buildings, educational institutes, historical monuments, hotels, and train stations.

Higher Accuracy and Fast Delivery = Our Scan to BIM Services

Be it a 60-year old commercial building site or a 100-year-old historical monument, VBS’s Scan-to-BIM will facilitate all your site improvement & project alterations ideas.

Work with one of the leading Scan to BIM companies offering excellent laser scanning in construction and 3D building scanning services. We deploy a pragmatic approach to live up to your renovation aspiration. Our Scan to BIM services array includes 3D BIM modeling, MEP creation, and conversion of laser scan raw data into BIM models.


We deliver best-in-class Scan to BIM services from Laser scan raw data (point cloud data) while providing 3D models of LOD 200 to LOD 400 in Revit. We also provide CAD plans and elevations from scanned data to help you with information extraction.

Point Cloud To BIM Services

Being the leading point cloud to BIM service provider in the India, UK, USA, Middle East and across the world, our focus is to offer the best scan to BIM services. We are zealous to help our clients leverage the potentials of point cloud technology via incorporating it with Scan to BIM. Most of our clients are architecture and construction firms to whom we offer streamlined scan to BIM services.

Our experts can convert point cloud data into a rich BIM model (LOD 200 & LOD 300) with highly informative 2D CAD drawings for further reference. Model all elements of architectural, structural, and MEP.

Our As-Built BIM model creation services empower your scan to BIM project with plans, elevations, drawings, and documentation to provide ease of your facility management. We also provide Scan to CAD service for best drafts.

We create our BIM models in Revit and convert the scanned data for MEP services that facilitate coordination among various disciplines and detect clashes at the initial stage. Work with LOD 350 and LOD 400 for the best data conversion.

Our experts creatively draft As-Built BIM models using Revit & AutoCAD and replenish the scanned points into a 3D model and CAD that delivers error-free point cloud data to our valued clients.

We identify and measure all scan model points to regulate the exact dimensions of various components speedily.

Fuse Scan to BIM Services to Generate Best Architecture, Structure, and MEP Models of Your Buildings

Let the laser scan work for you to generate credible 3D digital models and BIM Model for your property.

Scan to BIM, aka Field to BIM, has become a standard process followed in the AEC industry as it optimizes the entire As-Built and digital twin processes with its stunning 3D laser scans. Our team of engineers will visit with the best point cloud scanners from companies like Leica, Riegl, Trimble, Faro and deliver high-quality scanning data in point cloud formats such as .pts, .ptx, .ptg, .las .rcs/RCP, .pod, etc.

No wispy commitments, only quality rich 3D scan transformation solutions!

Virtual Building Studio provides all mandatory solutions linked with point cloud to BIM. Delegate your BIM solution requirements into reliable hands.

Whether you are looking for a scan to BIM services for your new restoration project or want to upgrade your existing project, we are just one ‘one step’ away! Let’s say hi to each other and flourish!


Scan to BIM or Point cloud to BIM generates a laser 3D scanning model for any physical space or site. It depicts the structure’s existing condition by 3D model representation, including physical and functional processing in BIM.

The basic process of the scan to BIM starts with capturing a high-density point cloud data of the client’s structure or building with the application of a 3D laser scanner. BIM modelers convert raw scanned data (point cloud) into BIM Models, ensuring transparency, communication, and coordination in further working.

We deliver our expert solutions to clients from any corner of the world through a highly secure internal system. Clients can liaise and monitor their project’s work through this internal communication system, which also functions as an FTP. Our on-site support needs a personal presence at least once to understand the requirements and specifications to Improve the efficiency of upcoming work without any error.

We share point cloud data in multiple formats such as .pts, .ptx, .ptg, .las .rcs/RCP, .pod etc., depending on the type of high-end configuration you use as a client.

Yes, laser scanning can identify all minute and hidden components of the MEP system because it provides schematic drawings and photo-realistic images to understand every detail and specification incorporated into the 3D scan model.



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