Our PDF to CAD Services

Convert PDF files and scanned drawings to accurate CAD drawings. Experience precision, quality, and enhanced workability with our reliable PDF-to-CAD conversion services.

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PDF/Image to CAD Conversion Services

We convert your digital or scanned drawings to accurate, high-quality CAD drawings. Our team is experienced in international standards and uses the latest technology for precision and quality.
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Scanned Drawings/Documents to CAD Conversion

We have the expertise to accurately convert your scanned drawings or documents to CAD, making it easy to access and edit your drawings with precision and quality.
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CAD Redrawing & Dimensional Scaling

We can update your existing CAD drawings and add accurate dimensions for easy workability. Our team also provides sheet setup and markup services for proper organization and annotation.
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CAD Drawing Layout Customization

We tailor CAD drawings to your exact needs, including pre-design, detail design, and construction drawings.

Benefits of PDF to CAD Conversion

Thorough detection of design issues and infringements, preventing delays and errors during the construction process through PDF to CAD conversion.

Streamlined Planning and Production

Our PDF to CAD conversion services provide AEC and MEPF professionals with a clear understanding of existing conditions for streamlined planning and production.

Identification of existing infringements

We identify any design issues or infringements with our PDF to CAD conversion, avoiding delays or errors during the construction process.

Future Data Accessibility

We digitize drawings and data for future accessibility, saving time and resources by eliminating physical copies and manual re-drawing.

Accurate existing conditions

PDF to CAD conversion ensures accurate existing conditions, saving time and resources by reducing the need for rework or design changes due to inaccuracies.

Improved Long-term Sustainability

Our services provide a platform for ongoing maintenance and operations of the building, improving its long-term sustainability and performance.

Why you should work with Virtual Building Studio?

Studio Model 2000+ Projects 300+ Clients Advanced Technology Collaborative Approach

VBS's cost-effective engagement model allows architects and engineers to save up to 100% Cost. 

 With over 2000 completed projects, VBS has extensive experience in providing architectural and engineering services to clients around the world.

VBS has a diverse portfolio of 300+ clients, including architects, developers, construction firms, and government agencies.

VBS uses cutting-edge technology and software to create virtual 3D models of buildings.

VBS believes in working closely with clients to understand their vision and goals for the project. This collaborative approach ensures that the final design meets the client's expectations and delivers optimal results.

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