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    Our Architectural Drafting Services

    Immerse yourself in the precision of our architectural drafting services, driven by the capabilities of Revit® and AutoCAD®. Covering schematic design, design development, and construction documents, we guarantee accuracy in floor plans, elevations, sections, and all essential details for seamless project execution. Our dynamic drafting tools, particularly Revit®, adhere to global templates and standards.

    Our comprehensive services include creating diverse drawings such as facades, elevations, sections, site plans, and interior layouts, showcasing our dedication to excellence in architectural CAD drafting with a focus on Revit®.

    Architecture Drafting Services

    Schematic Design

    Integrate Revit with our schematic design expertise. Our skilled architects refine your concepts for detailed plans, achieving a sophisticated foundation for architectural projects through a seamless blend of creativity and technical precision.
    Architecture Drafting Services

    Design Development

    We collaborate with firms like yours, utilizing Revit for detailed plans in the Design Development stage. Our architects meticulously refine project specifics, facilitating a seamless transition from concept to a comprehensive plan—bringing your architectural vision to life with precision.
    Architecture Drafting Services

    Construction Document

    We partner for detailed plans in Design Development (DD) with Revit. Moving into Construction Documentation (CD), our focus sharpens on precise drawings and specs, ensuring accuracy for a seamless transition to construction.

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    Our Architectural Drafting Projects

    Why Outsource Architectural CAD Drafting to Us?

    Our Outsourcing architectural CAD drafting services can offer several compelling advantages for architectural firms, construction companies, and real estate developers

    Local Expertise, Global Reach

    Access a pool of architects available in US time zones, ensuring seamless communication and collaboration.

    US Standards Assurance

    Capable of delivering projects in strict adherence to US standards, ensuring compliance and quality benchmarks.

    Swift Execution

    Experience the speed of execution without compromising on the quality of architectural drafting services.

    Flexible Engagement

    Select a tailored engagement model to suit your needs, offering flexibility from project-based to hourly engagement. Our approach ensures scalability and adaptability to meet the unique requirements of your project.

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    Our Process for Architecture Drafting Services

    In executing Architecture Drafting Services, our meticulous process ensures precision and excellence. We commence with a comprehensive understanding of project requirements, followed by conceptualizing and creating detailed drafts. Utilizing advanced software like AutoCAD and Revit, our skilled draftsmen translate concepts into accurate, detailed architectural drawings.


    Understanding Your Vision

    We begin by thoroughly understanding your project requirements, scope, and deliverables. Your input shapes the foundation of our collaborative journey.

    US Standards Excellence

    Your vision aligns seamlessly with US standards. We meticulously review samples you provide, ensuring precision that meets or exceeds these standards. In regions where necessary, we reference local Building Codes for comprehensive compliance.

    Tailored to Your Standards

    Confirming your unique architecture drafting standards and naming conventions is paramount. We create a standardized document to maintain consistency, ensuring every detail reflects your preferences.

    Quality Control Assurance

    Rigorous quality checks are implemented throughout the drafting process. Our checklist, meticulously crafted based on the highest industry standards, guarantees the accuracy and quality you expect.

    Delivery with Confidence

    The final stage is characterized by a comprehensive quality assurance check. Your project is delivered with precision, adhering to both your standards and US benchmarks. Our commitment is to provide unparalleled quality in every aspect of our service.

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