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How Do We Work?

Our project delivery methodology is customized and encompasses all aspects of project management and communication.

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How Do We Work?

Although we do have extensive experiences in how outsourcing can be applied effectively to architectural, structural & MEP projects, we always try to combine the best practices from our experiences, with the processes and preferences of our customers. This results in a bespoke process that works the best for our customers and their projects.

Depending on whether the project entails CAD drafting/CAD detailing or 3D BIM modeling for architectural, structural & MEP sectors, this combined workflow process is crystallized and then adapted, based on continuous improvement inputs from the project teams of both the Virtual Building Studio and the customers.


At Virtual Building Studio, we create value for our customers by following a unique five-stage outsourcing process. This outsourcing process enables us to ensure the smooth transition and the quick completion of the outsourced project. The actual process that we follow is supported by a range of key activities including, but, not limited to the following:

Establishing Contact Between Your Organization & Virtual Building Studio

1. You fill in our “Contact us” form

2. Our sales team calls/emails you

virtual building studio
virtual building studio

Understanding Your Outsourcing Requirements

1. Basic understanding of your requirements

2. Making a ballpark estimate (where possible)

3. You give us your approval to continue

4. Detailed understanding of your requirements

5. Execution of pilot project (if required)

Deciding On Pricing And Signing Agreements

1. Confirmation of pricing details

2. Creation of a proposal (if required)

3. Signing the contracts, SLAs & other agreements

virtual building studio
virtual building studio

Starting The Project

1. Training & workshops either at client sites or off site depends on requirement

2. Project kick-off meeting

Executing The Project

1. Executing & managing the project

2. Reporting to you & getting feedback on a on-going basis

virtual building studio

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