BIM Services for General Contractors

Premier BIM services to global general contractors, backed by over 7 years of experience and 150+ projects.

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BIM Services for General Contractors

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Pre-BID Estimation

Our accurate and detailed cost assessments empower you to confidently prepare competitive bids, ensuring optimal budgeting and resource allocation for your construction projects.
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Clash Detection/Coordination

Minimize conflicts and delays through our advanced clash detection and coordination services, facilitating seamless integration between construction processes and ensuring smooth project execution.
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Shop and Fabrication Drawings

Our precise and comprehensive drawings provide detailed guidelines for construction-related elements, guaranteeing accurate implementation and streamlined construction workflows.
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Value Engineering

From a construction perspective, our value engineering solutions optimize project value by identifying cost-effective design alternatives that deliver superior outcomes within budgetary constraints.

6 Key Reasons General Contractors/Sub-Contractors Benefit from Outsourcing BIM Services

01 Expertise 2

Expertise and Specialization

Access specialized BIM expertise and knowledge by outsourcing BIM services, benefiting from the experience and proficiency of dedicated professionals in the field.
02 Cost Efficiency

Cost Efficiency

Save on overhead costs by outsourcing BIM services, avoiding the need to hire and train in-house BIM professionals, and leveraging cost-effective project-based solutions.
03 Time Saving

Time Savings

Free up internal teams to focus on core construction activities by outsourcing time-consuming BIM tasks, accelerating project timelines and improving overall efficiency.
04 Advance Tools Technology 1

Advanced Tools and Technologies

Take advantage of cutting-edge BIM software and tools without additional investments by outsourcing to service providers equipped with the latest technology.
05 Enhanced Collaboration

Enhanced Collaboration and Coordination

Improve communication and coordination among project stakeholders through the expertise of BIM service providers, facilitating seamless collaboration and integration of construction elements.
06 Scalability Flexibility 1

Scalability and Flexibility

Scale resources based on project requirements by outsourcing BIM services, ensuring access to the necessary expertise and resources without the constraints of managing an in-house team.

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