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Sep 28, 2021

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With the introduction of BIM, it has become an essential tool in the architecture and construction industry. It offers services to engineers involved in the process as well. MEP BIM services have coordinated the design system for a practical design approach.

MEP i.e., Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing cover the major functioning systems in the construction of a building to make it habitable. Due to a high interaction and dependency between the three, these are mainly designed collaboratively.

BIM (Building Information Modeling) offers deep insight into designing at an early stage. It also allows forming a network between all the aspects involved in the project be it designing or engineering works.

An integrated approach avoids the conflicts between the placement of the equipment which is a common problem that arises when designed separately. An MEP BIM coordination enables engineers to utilize the information and remodel any clashes before the implementation of work.

Conventional Approach towards Designing

For years, a traditional approach and process of architectural projects have been followed with 2D drawing sets. MEP coordination was conducted via overlay processes where designs were received from engineers and details were developed by experts.

Sequentially, these drawings were compared with a superimposition of the plans to look for conflicts. The manual method ends up being expensive and time-consuming with minimal efficiency.

Integrated MEP Approach

A unified approach in building systems can attain better and efficient results in the design product. MEP layout plans are complex to be worked on separately, and with modern engineering systems and software, they can be made simpler and accelerate the design process.

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MEP BIM services can increase the value of 3D models while designing and constructing. It automates repetitive tasks and assists in taking the most appropriate design decisions.

MEP BIM modeling further aids in maintaining a model that can be used as a reference for future remodeling’s and renovations. The model can simultaneously be updated along with the changes proposed.

BIM Approach

BIM 3D modeling has a more modernized and technologically inclined approach that provides a 3D model of the designs that can be developed with the process. These models can be assessed for high-speed work and more efficient drawings.

MEP BIM Coordination

MEP BIM modeling allows coordination amongst various disciplines that require specialization like Mechanical, Plumbing, Structural, and even Electrical services. It enables sharing of comparative data and crucial information amongst teams.

Coordination of MEP BIM services simplifies complex tasks and saves a considerable amount of money and time.

Commonly Availed MEP BIM Services

MEP BIM modeling holds enormous information relevant for referencing or cross-verification to be checked throughout the construction phase.

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There are many iterations followed during the construction of a structure, MEP BIM coordination identifies those and marks them to save expense and time, and at the same time lets you go ahead with the project.

Some of the commonly used MEP services with BIM coordination are:

1. Electrical Services

Electrical frames exhibit the components within a structure. They illustrate the point of installation within the structure along with components to be placed to maintain a proper electrical outline in the design.

2. Plumbing BIM Services

Plumbing BIM Services include the delivery of high-quality 3D models. It assists in effective planning, management, design, and construction of plumbing lines with units in the building. The coordination system allows the resolution of clashes on time with accuracy.

These models are generated in a way that they specify the shape, size, and general requirements of plumbing elements. Wastage and on-site modifications can be avoided with help of these virtual services.

3. Mechanical BIM Services

Mechanical BIM Services are used for creating and utilizing computable data about the mechanical design of a structure. These services ensure proper workflow with effective scheduling and certainty of the geometry.

Advantages of MEP BIM Coordination

MEP BIM Services guarantee a seamless and precise completion of construction. The coordination among these services plays a vital role to validate the design.

Establishing a highly coordinated system is highly advantageous for all the sectors involved in the design and construction process. It has the potential to save big bucks and precious time by avoiding chaos and conflict at the site.

Apart from the new construction projects, this coordination is also beneficial to redevelopment or renovation projects.

The software is equipped with technologies to capture already built infrastructure with accuracy and precision. Services can then be retrofitted and enhanced in terms of their performance in the structure.

Key Benefits of the collaboration of BIM with MEP

1. Designs without any Clashes

MEP BIM modeling in the field of construction, structural engineering, or architecture ensures clash-free designs. The plans are generated and checked for any clashes that generate a clash report.


This offers the team an opportunity to remodel these services to rectify clashes even before the first brick is laid on site. It enables a smooth and unmistakable resolution of clashes.

2. Prevents Rework

Identification of clashes at an early stage is important or else, it leads to rework and investment in more money and time. MEP BIM services can prevent these and limit waste.

By giving data related to the 3D model, the updates are automatically done whenever any part of the model gets revised. In this case, the revisions in the floor plan by default update the concerned areas in sections and elevations as well.

It saves extra effort to be put for a minute change in all sets of drawings.\

3. Collaboration from the beginning

If professionals collaborate right from the designing phase, they can propose their specifications and explain their ideas effectively to the whole team. An early collaboration can result in better designs with lesser mistakes.

4. Money Saver

A BIM modeling allows the construction of a building twice i.e.., with a virtual model and actual construction. The virtual model can accommodate changes and modify goals before the actual construction.

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This can save a lot of money that goes into on-site changes. Simultaneously, it will reserve vital resources and extra labor work as well.

5. Waste Reduction

Constructive coordination during designing can help to reduce waste generation that generally happens due to on-site construction errors and alterations.

6. Central Data Source

Building information modeling allows closely-knitted working between different specialization teams at the same time. The best part about this is that data is stored and shared from central access.

These models retain a huge amount of data and important relevant information that makes the referencing for different teams easier.

7. Detailed Information

Every element of a structure, if modeled with BIM software, can deliver well-structured information that may aid in the generation of BOQ easily. It enables the team to calculate the required resources well in advance which results in less construction waste.

It also helps in the management of on-site material, storage, and construction timeline. Quantified materials can also give an estimate of the cost of material and give an approximate idea of the total cost.

Versatility, smoother modifications, saving money and resources, and scalability are the major pros of MEP BIM coordination services.

BIM as an Asset in Healthcare Designs

One of the most important sectors for human habitation is Healthcare design. These buildings majorly face issues regarding inefficient and poor planning with fewer resources than required. For these issues, MEP is crucial.

MEP services play an essential part in designing a built environment as they maintain an acceptable atmosphere for human existence. In the healthcare design industry, there is various specialized equipment that adds to the obstacles while conventionally designing a building.

The design with coordination between MEP has a significant influence on the entire life cycle of a building. A proper MEP and BIM coordination ensure that the building can be set up with minimal obstacles. An effective MEP design in a healthcare project can help to minimize the cost of maintenance over the years.

An optimized MEP planning integrated with BIM services can reduce the cost of the project by improvising resource utilization. With thoughtful planning and strategic services, the design can be made effective and manageable.

These can be significant for any other building but in the case of Healthcare designing, the upfront capital and running expenses are quite high. Thus, BIM integrated MEP can prove to be an asset for these structures.

Hi-tech Construction with Advanced Technology

Technological advancements in MEP BIM services have proved to be fruitful for the whole construction industry irrespective of the phase of building. These models enriched with data empower not only architects, but local contractors, MEP service providers, and it has even broken grounds in the healthcare industry.

This coordinated designing technique results in highly efficient and practical designs with minimal resources and almost no wastage of resources.

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