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Ar. Ankit Kansara

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Jan 20, 2022

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For any professional working in the building design and construction sector, 3D BIM modeling is a vital tool. Without a question, the concept of collaborative practice has gained popularity over time. As a result, understanding the various BIM (Building Information Modelling) competence stages is crucial for all AEC-related companies and organizations.

About 76% of design, engineering, and construction executives are expected to make an investment in digital tools in the nearing future.

Investing in cutting-edge building technologies like BIM services, 3D modeling tools, scan to BIM services, etc. allows companies to streamline digital changes and remain competitive in the industry.

Updating the conventional building procedures has real-world applications and advantages. And if you wish to ace the competition in the AEC sector, you’ll need to figure out how to incorporate new techniques. They’ll rule over your approach and operations.

The highly advanced BIM services are revolutionizing the way the industry works currently. These operations are simultaneously impacting how future projects will be executed.

It has achieved widespread recognition as a result of continuing technological developments and innovations. The ability of various domains under it like BIM coordination services or scanning methods provides more flexibility and higher accuracy in design. As a digital tool, it allows opening up new opportunities for inventive solutions that were previously unimaginable.

The Evolution of 3D BIM Modeling

The AEC business has shifted dramatically in the last decade. From relying on 2D sketches to scan to BIM services; a preference for older technologies to a readiness to experiment with programs by BIM service provider; PowerPoint presentations to entering the world of virtual reality- BIM services are one of the most crucial tools for innovation and process change in the AEC sector, with widespread adoption by users of all types.


3D BIM modeling may be used to design and handle various aspects of a building project. The BIM services entail creating an elaborated virtual model for the project that encompasses all architectural, structural, and MEP systems.

By establishing a visual representation of how all of the domains will be laid and executed, BIM coordination services aid experts in enhanced collaboration during all the design phases.

As experts from each domain and specialist area can integrate their components to the same model rather than being separated onto various copies of a 2D paper sketch, BIM allows for improved cooperation. As users input, the model improves in real-time, simplifying the process and enhancing efficiency.

By automating collision identification and giving a more full view of the project, BIM aids conflict resolution right from conceptual planning to execution.

It’s not a secret the way BIM services have revolutionized the functioning of the construction industry regardless of the size of the business.

Designers, architects, construction managers, and engineers have been able to collaborate in a unified framework all through the life span of the project while constructing data in their preferred graphical representations.

The Role of Government in advancing BIM Services

According to a study released in 2019 marking the Indian statistics, at least 355 projects experienced cost overruns of Rs 3.88 lakh crore, while 552 projects experienced schedule delays.

Officials from the NITI Aayog (a governmental think tank) claimed BIM may save up to 20% of a development’s cost by reducing the project time with its high-speed and convenient working methods. The government think group has spread the idea and aims for it to be considered by all infrastructure ministries as well.

nagpur metro

Nagpur Metro is the first Indian official project to use 5D BIM technology, and among the few around the globe to merge 3D, 4D, and 5D through the use of ERP, BIM, and other innovative construction tools.

BIM use has expanded globally in recent years as the construction sector prepares for a significant digital transformation. Many benefits of using BIM coordination services, such as better synchronization with minimal change orders cannot be neglected.

These make it easier to save development time and expense. Integrated BIM solutions provide significant benefits, such as improved visualization of the regions and services linked in a comprehensive virtual space.

With the great efficiency and accuracy it offers, even the government is pushing architects and builders to adopt platforms offered by BIM service providers.

The Growing Popularity of BIM Services

BIM was initially advocated as a worldwide idea in the 1970s, but the term ‘Building Information Modeling’ was not used until the 2000s.

BIM software was launched by companies like Autodesk, which are still major participants today. But in the current digital era, it is making its way to the future of the AEC industry.

BIM is already being implemented in dozens of nations, and it has the caliber to be a game-changing technology. Building and other structures, including roads and bridges, maybe designed, built, and managed following public necessities throughout their lifespans by BIM management.

BIM can’t be regarded as mere software, rather it’s a way of working. However, there is a lot of software that is associated with providing 3D BIM modeling or even scanning to BIM services.

It is the method of digitally assembling all the elements. After assembly, they’re integrated to create a realistic model of a construction project. As a result, it allows you to imagine a completed structure before it is even erected.

Participating in cutting-edge construction technologies is a smart business move. The goal is to find the technology tools that will help you achieve the project’s goals.

What Next in India?

BIM services, in India, have a promising future coming ahead. To get better, we still need to strike the hard rock. The Indian AEC sector is currently striving to make this a reality.

whats next in india

The building sector is sure to transform in the coming 45 years. If this isn’t the case with each design firm, BIM service providers can help in bringing this revolution.

The construction sector in India is huge, and it provides the second most to the country’s GDP after agriculture.

The building market is worth $1.8 trillion, making it the world’s third-largest following China and Japan. In the next few years, BIM will be a multi-billion-dollar business in India.

As more design teams employ BIM in their planning process over the next ten years, we should expect to see even more breakthroughs.

With growing interest from stakeholders investigating the possibilities for adopting BIM services, high-level conversations regarding project implementation, data ownership, and team composition will emerge.

These sorts of discussions are critical in the building process. And they hold the potential to transform the design, engineering, and construction sector.

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Ar. Ankit Kansara

Ar. Ankit Kansara is the visionary Founder and CEO of Virtual Building Studio Inc., revolutionizing the architecture and construction industry with innovative BIM solutions. With a strong foundation in architecture and a global presence, Ankit leads the company in providing cutting-edge AEC services, embracing technology and pushing boundaries

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