BIM Modeling with Phasing for a Residential Building in the UK


Ar. Ankit Kansara

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Jul 10, 2020

BIM Modeling

Technological advances are increasingly replacing conventional techniques in most of the major industries. BIM monopolizing the AEC sector is the technological revolution that everyone is talking about today. As more and more people are getting acquainted with the benefits that BIM has to offer, it is inspiring a major change in the AEC sector as a whole. It is now recognized as a mandatory government policy in several countries.

A few developing countries are lagging in this regard; their traditional practices have the upper hand, even today. It is certainly going to be a while before they catch up with the rest of the world, but we do believe that this shift is inevitable. Sooner or later, it is going to replace others to be the only game in the market.

We have always known the inefficiencies of our traditional practices, and it was certain that at some point, technological interventions would replace our unsustainable practices.

As this technological revolution swept through India, we, at the Virtual Building Studio, were among the first ones to embrace this reformation.

At the VBS, we strive to promote an enriching experience that serves to create a community of young, diligent individuals who share a common vision towards providing cost-effective BIM outsourcing services to our clients from around the world.

Over the years, we have managed several residential, commercial, infrastructural, institutional, and industrial projects and have been working towards improving customer satisfaction, each step along the way. We combine years of unparalleled experience with the preferences of our customers to provide them with the best possible output. Each of these projects varies according to its level of complexity.

But, no matter the complexity, our team has managed to work through all of the challenges and successfully deliver the project, right-on-time, guaranteeing an enriching customer experience.

Let’s take a look at one of our recent projects to elucidate the exemplary conduct of our team members and to set an example for all the budding project managers out there.

11 Henwood Road is among one of our best-designed projects to date. Our task was to provide BIM modeling with phasing services for this residential building in the UK.

This building is spread over an area of 101 square kilometers. The size of the building was relatively smaller, and our employees could wrap up the work and deliver high-quality output within four days.

The input data was in the form of sketches and photographs. Data extraction and BIM implementation for construction happened in the following three phases:

Existing Phase Model:

We had to first create an existing model from the sketches provided to us by our clients. It can be quite challenging to extract meaningful data and convert our input sketch data into the existing phase model as it requires proper synchronization, and our phase model needs to be equipped with carefully laid out design and architectural parameters.

The communication process gets tedious which is why for this phasing, people prefer in-house BIM modeling over outsourcing services. But, our team understands that communication is the key to any successful alliance, and we tried to smooth out this process for our client, to the best of our abilities.

Demolition Phase Model:

Once we had our existing phase model in place, the next step was to remove unnecessary information and add useful information. While proposing a new design, certain areas need to be demolished and the model needs to be modified accordingly.

Proposed Phase Model:

Once we had all the information that we needed, we could incorporate data from existing and demolition phase models and create the final proposed phase model that could be used for construction.

We rendered 3D views for all of the three phases to provide our clients with a virtual representation tour which would make it easy for them to understand.

As mentioned above, this process can be quite challenging as it requires collaboration, synchronization, and most importantly, proper communication. While working through tedious processes, the requirements of the client might take a backseat.

We strongly believe that the most important part of our work is to ensure customer satisfaction, and we have always made sure that the requirements of our clients are taken care of, with utmost urgency.

As a result, we successfully managed to deliver high-quality output, on time, and our client was pleased with our efficiency and time management skills.

This project highlights the exemplary conduct of our employees who have been instrumental in providing our clients with cost-effective and time-bound BIM services. Our team has been consistently working towards ensuring on-time project delivery and quality outputs.

We have successfully handled a wide range of BIM projects with varying complexities for our clients in the USA, the UK, Singapore, Australia, and the UAE. We are committed to providing our clients with the best of the opportunities that ensure their growth and success. We have been working towards establishing a firm foothold in the BIM industry, and our team of experts is leading the way.

Ar. Ankit Kansara

Ar. Ankit Kansara is the visionary Founder and CEO of Virtual Building Studio Inc., revolutionizing the architecture and construction industry with innovative BIM solutions. With a strong foundation in architecture and a global presence, Ankit leads the company in providing cutting-edge AEC services, embracing technology and pushing boundaries

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