BIM Services

3D BIM Services

We help you identify possible errors in architectural designs or other improvement areas by presenting smarter 3D architectural designs and virtual tours.

4D BIM Services

We enable the participants of a construction project to visualize the entire duration of a series of events and display the progress of construction activities.

5D BIM Services

We deliver 5D virtual designs & construction models loaded with complete information about the material requirements and costs at every stage of a construction project.

6D BIM Services

We have expertise in eQuest modeling services for various parameters like lighting, location, solar insulation and more.

7D BIM Services

The “As-Built” BIM model provides all relevant building component information which is made accessible to the owners through a secure web-based environment.

Coordination / Clash Detection

Our customized clash reporting format and clash tracking system make this one of the most desired services.

Laser Scan To BIM

Since a lot of current projects are renovations & retrofits of very old buildings, laser scanning is being used to record these buildings.

Revit Family Creation

We create, extract, standardize & manage BIM content. This includes 2D drafting details, 3D components and project file furniture.

BIM Automation & Scripting

We provide BIM process automation services for development of software tools and solutions which benefit architectural, structural and MEPF consultants from around the world.

Digital Fabrication

At Virtual Building Studio, we believe that BIM and Digital Fabrication have the potential to make use of digital data in the AEC industry to automate the manufacturing process.

On-site BIM PMC

Building Information Modeling is not only beneficial to architects, civil engineers and MEPF professionals but it is also useful on-site as BIM PMC (Project Management Consultancy).

BIM APP Development

At Virtual Building Studio, we believe that each project is unique and has its own challenges and difficulties and work towards rectifying the same.

GFC Drawing / IFC Drawing

Our expert architects and engineers have been producing GFC /IFC drawings of various healthcare, retail, commercial & residential buildings for several architects & engineers from across the globe.

Shop Drawings

Virtual Building Studio’s skilled architects and engineers generate accurate shop drawings from BIM models. Apart from this, our experts are connoisseurs of penetration drawings, insert layout drawings, and spool drawings.

Fabrication Drawings

Virtual Building Studio prepares fabrication/spool drawings from BIM models for accurate on-site or offsite prefabrication, making installation easier and faster.

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BIM Services

We offer 2D to 7D BIM services to architects, engineers, contractors, building owners & all other stakeholders. Our team of experts is capable of handling complex projects.


CAD Drafting Services

We specialize in CAD drafting services ranging from PDF to CAD conversion to Red Line Markup drafting. We provide seamless communication and technical support throughout the project life. We document our client’s standards and produce high quality drawings.


3D Visualization Services

We produce high quality photorealistic rendered images for our clients. Our team has vast experience in developing exterior as well as interior computer-generated imagery (CGI), 3D walkthroughs and furniture and product renderings.


Architect & Engineering

Our team works closely with the clients to provide assistance in value engineering, design validation & constructability review.


GIS Services

Our team is specialized in working on Scan to BIM project. We have special tools and plugins to efficiently convert heavy point cloud survey data into a refined BIM model of highest quality.


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