What Are The Employee Benefits At The Virtual Building Studio?


Ar. Ankit Kansara

CEO | Think Tank

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Jul 18, 2019

Whenever new employees join the Virtual Building Studio, there are some basic problems that they may face. They feel excited about new opportunities and new teams, however, it can be frightening to some.

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Hence, it becomes important to plan his / her joining process. If the formalities are done as per the plan, the new member will start feeling comfortable and will definitely gain the confidence to work efficiently.

Therefore, the Virtual Building Studio is committed to giving them a complete hand-holding until the employee gets settled.

HR, being the face of the organization and the point of contact for all employees, is well-versed with the onboarding activities of the candidate.

Here are some basic necessities for the onboarding of any candidate:

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  • We elaborate on the company profile, brief them about the teams and the organizational structure.
  • We give them a precise idea about the policies and the processes followed by the Company
  • Planning for their role: The HR SPOC has a job description ready with them while the onboarding activities are going on.
  • Communicate their growth plan and advise them about their key milestones.
  • Give them a joining kit consisting of all the materials they may require in the future. (They should not need to run here and there for small things like a diary or a pen)
  • Review the documents carefully on the 1st day itself, to avoid follow up with the new employee.
  • Break the Ice: It’s very important to break the ice between the current employees and the new employees. They should feel comfortable and excited to work in the atmosphere.

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The first impression is the last impression, what the employees feel on their 1st day, will stay with them even after they leave the company help them get a great picture of the organization.

We are committed to our employees success, their growth and devoted to providing them with the best of the opportunities.

Virtual Building Studio provides high quality, time-bound, and cost-effective Building Information Modelling (BIM) Services. Visit us at www.virtualbuildingstudio.com

Ar. Ankit Kansara

Ar. Ankit Kansara is the visionary Founder and CEO of Virtual Building Studio Inc., revolutionizing the architecture and construction industry with innovative BIM solutions. With a strong foundation in architecture and a global presence, Ankit leads the company in providing cutting-edge AEC services, embracing technology and pushing boundaries

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