Picking Out The Right BIM Outsourcing Services For Your Firm


Ar. Ankit Kansara

CEO | Think Tank

Last Updated:

May 15, 2019

right bim outsourcing services

With demands for BIM outsourcing services at a steady increase, companies offering BIM consulting services are also increasing, with new providers popping up everywhere.

While this rise in supply and demand has effectively reduced the cost of BIM resources, it is important to remember that qualified and duly certified BIM partners are still hard to come by.

Careful consideration of which company to outsource work to, is critical, otherwise you might find yourself with serious project issues to the extents of withheld payments, inability to proceed with construction, and other such predicaments because of the wrong choice of a BIM partner. To avoid these kinds of problems, remember the following guidelines in selecting the right BIM outsourcing services:

  • Check the company experience Look beyond your potential provider years in service. A better way to gauge their experience is to find out how long they have been providing the kind of services that you require. A consulting company may have been in the business for many decades but might have just started providing BIM consulting services in the last couple of years. This is a critical factor to consider, if you want the best partner for the project.
  • Check on their references. It is easy to claim best quality service and expertise in website copies and advertisements. What you want are real insights into what a particular company can do. Don’t hesitate to ask for and check on references and previous clients who have worked with your prospect partner and have gone through the experience first-hand.
  • Finally, choose BIM outsourcing services that are accessible. Communication is the key to a successful BIM project. Always choose a BIM consultant who responds promptly to your requests and inquiries over someone who claims the best services and the most advanced technologies and expertise in the industry.
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Ar. Ankit Kansara

Ar. Ankit Kansara is the visionary Founder and CEO of Virtual Building Studio Inc., revolutionizing the architecture and construction industry with innovative BIM solutions. With a strong foundation in architecture and a global presence, Ankit leads the company in providing cutting-edge AEC services, embracing technology and pushing boundaries

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