An architecture firm based in New Jersey, found themselves in urgent need of a dedicated architect to complete several critical projects encompassing drafting, SD, DD, CD sets, and modeling.

This case study elaborates on how our proprietary DRM solution swiftly onboarded dedicated architects to fulfill these pressing needs.

Type of Engagement

Dedicated Resource

Number of Resources


Type of Projects

Design, Drafting, SD to CD Sets, Modeling, Rendering

Before state

  • Budgetary Resource Constraints: They faced challenges meeting project deadlines as a result of insufficient resources within the allocated budget, leading to a reliance on non-dedicated professionals.
  • Diverted Focus: Difficulty in concentrating on core business activities and addressing client needs hindered the acquisition of new customers, impacting growth opportunities.

An Architecture firm in Somerville discovered our DRM solution and promptly decided to bring on board a dedicated architect. Our promise to onboard an architect within 3 days was particularly appealing to them. Moreover, they were impressed by the extensive capabilities of the dedicated architect, spanning from design and drafting to delivering SD to DD sets, as well as exceptional modeling and rendering skills.

After the initial engagement, they opted to continue their collaboration. Fast forward three years, and the partnership remains robust and ongoing.

Current State

  • Proactive Dedicated Architect: Hiring a dedicated architect from VBS has been great. Their experience with US clients and projects made it easy for them to join our team and achieve excellent results.
  • Fit with Culture: The dedicated resources quickly became part of our team, making working together easy and fun. Their ability to fit in with our company's values and way of working has improved teamwork and productivity.
  • Available in EST Time zone: Having the architect available during EST hours has been a big help. It made communication smooth and allowed us to solve problems quickly, making our projects run smoothly and on time.
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Architecture Firm in Somerville's ROI and Cost Savings

BenefitNumber of Dedicated ResourceHiring Workforce in the USAHiring Workforce from VBS
Dedicated Architects1

Starts from

Starts from

Architecture Firm in Somerville
Dedicated Architects1

(Salary + Insurance + Software/Hardware + Administrative Costs)

Cost Savings4 Times0$7,000
What’s visible is just the tip of iceberg; there’s lot more going on below
Staff Hiring Time-45-60 Days3 Days
HR & Onboarding Cost-$5,000$0

Features of the Dedicated Team Model Enjoyed by Architecture Firm in Somerville

Top 1% Dedicated Architects

Available during EST Time

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