A Texas-based architecture firm, sought to establish a team of architects to enhance their capabilities in BIM technology and tools like Revit and AutoCAD

This case study delves into how our proprietary DRM solution facilitated the swift expansion of their capabilities by onboarding the right team of dedicated architects.

Type of Engagement

Dedicated Team under Build-Operate-Transfer (B-O-T)

Number of Resources


Type of Projects

Design, Drafting, SD to CD Sets, Modeling, Rendering

Before state

  • Hesitation Towards Investment in Resources and Tools: Architecture Firm in Dallas was hesitant to allocate resources and invest in tools required for adopting modern architectural technologies, including BIM solutions like Revit and AutoCAD.
  • Reliance on Traditional Methods: The firm primarily relied on traditional methods of architectural design and project management, lacking the efficiency and precision offered by modern digital tools and technologies.

They stumbled upon our DRM solution and opted to dip their toes in the water by bringing aboard 1 dedicated architect, all under the safety net of a 30-day money-back guarantee.

As they gradually uncovered its potential, they made the bold move to scale up, now boasting a team of 3 architects. Harnessing the power of modern technologies, they've not only kept up but surpassed the competition.

Current State

  • Transition to Modern Technologies: By employing dedicated architects through our DRM solution, they have successfully shifted from traditional to modern technologies.
  • Increased Project Acquisition: With the help of dedicated architects, they have experienced a significant uptick in project acquisition. Their enhanced capabilities and efficient workflow have attracted more clients and projects to the firm.
  • Heightened Customer Satisfaction: Leveraging modern technologies and the expertise of dedicated architects, they have elevated customer satisfaction levels.
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Architecture Firm in Dallas's ROI and Cost Savings

BenefitNumber of Dedicated ResourceHiring Workforce in the USAHiring Workforce from VBS
Dedicated Architects1

Starts from

Starts from

Architecture Firm in Dallas
Dedicated Architects3

(Salary + Insurance + Software/Hardware + Administrative Costs)

Cost Savings4 Times0$7,000
What’s visible is just the tip of iceberg; there’s lot more going on below
Staff Hiring Time-45-60 Days3 Days
HR & Onboarding Cost-$5,000$0

Features of the Dedicated Team Model Enjoyed by Heights Venture Architects, LLP

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