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Ar. Ankit Kansara

CEO | Think Tank

Last Updated:

Oct 19, 2023

Download Revit Families

Looking to enhance your Revit designs effortlessly? You’re in luck! We’re thrilled to offer you a vast collection of 2,200+ Revit families covering various categories, from architecture and furniture to MEPF and more.

Download these 2,200+ Revit families now and transform your design process. Your imagination knows no bounds – unlock your potential today!

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

If you need specific families that aren’t included in our collection, connect with us today, and we can develop them for you. We’re here to help you realize your unique design vision.

Ar. Ankit Kansara

Ar. Ankit Kansara is the visionary Founder and CEO of Virtual Building Studio Inc., revolutionizing the architecture and construction industry with innovative BIM solutions. With a strong foundation in architecture and a global presence, Ankit leads the company in providing cutting-edge AEC services, embracing technology and pushing boundaries

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