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This BIM Execution Plan (BEP) is your comprehensive guide to achieving excellence in construction. It’s meticulously prepared by Virtual Building Studio (VBS) and offers a streamlined approach to project management, enhanced collaboration among stakeholders, and unmatched precision in project execution. Here’s what you will find in the BEP:

  1. Terms & Abbreviation: A glossary of key terms and abbreviations for clear communication.
  2. Introduction: An overview of the BEP’s purpose and importance.
  3. Project Information: Details about your specific project, milestones, and organizational structure.
  4. BIM Process Management: Insights into managing BIM processes, coordination meetings, and progress reporting.
  5. BIM Implementation Plan: Strategies for implementing BIM, including project settings, model segregation, and clash detection procedures.
  6. BIM Standard & Specification: Information about industry standards and specifications.
  7. BIM Guidelines & Codes: Specific guidelines and codes relevant to the project.
  8. Model Quality Assurance & Control: Procedures for maintaining the quality and accuracy of BIM models.
  9. BIM Deliverables: Information on the BIM deliverables to be produced during the project.
  10. Appendix: Additional reference materials that support the BEP.

These sections collectively serve as a roadmap for successful construction project execution using Building Information Modeling (BIM) techniques and principles.


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