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Work Culture

We are based on collective work and shared knowledge

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We Work Together and Play Together

Virtual Building Studio’s work culture focuses on how we do something rather than what we do. We are a modern outsourcing company brought to life by a team of young, energetic and fun loving people.

We work hard, but we play harder. We like to reward hard work and employees who do more than we would expect them to.

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It Is All About Teamwork

At Virtual Building Studio, we talk a lot about teamwork. All our business units are made up of teams from different divisions. Within each team, all individuals possess their own areas of expertise but the long-term responsibilities for each project are shared. For the successful completion of a job, all our people work collaboratively and flexibly. This also encourages recent employees to ask questions and come up with ways to improve our services and products.

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Healthy Mind, Healthy Work.

It’s a given that work, at times, can get a little stressful. We believe that a strong mind and an even stronger heart are a formidable combination for success. Therefore, it is important that all of us remain healthy, in terms of, mind, body and spirit.
To shake off stressful emotions, and improve the health, well-being and quality of our employees, we have Fun-Fridays – days full of simple games and activities that offer a nice break from day-to-day activities. We have regular meetings during work time and focus on everything from nutrition, to balancing work and home life, to yoga sessions.

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