Webinar: What’s new in
Revit 2022


MAY 13 @ 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EST

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Revit 2022 and its new tools for AEC experts - Webinar

Revit 2022 was released for purchase by Autodesk last month, beginning the sales for educational licenses first up. Revit 2022 supersedes its previous version in several aspects of design and documentation methods, marking considerable developments between consecutive years. The new product promises increased interoperability, communicative clarity, modelling flexibility and sophisticated design parameter options for AEC experts.

The webinar intends to succinctly present to the participants the variety of enhancements and the technical know-how to exploit them. We welcome two esteemed speakers from the Autodesk community to this webinar, Paul F Aubin and Kimberley Fuhrman, who will illuminate us on some of Revit 2022’s new tools.

Webinar Summary

Webinar Agenda

The session begins with the speaker introducing the participants to highlights of the new release and how they will enable new capabilities and accuracies in design and construction documentation for AEC experts.

Some of the important features that Paul and Kimberley will then deal with in detail are:

  • Split Schedules feature - Fragmentation of complex schedules into simple and clearly categorized sheets
  • New 'Phased' parameters - better and more number of phasing options to track new as well as existing structures through their renovation phases
  • Family and type filters - better categorization of Revit families, sorting by family type.
  • New Modelling Features - 'Tapered Walls tool, intricate re-bar modelling options and better 'Generational Design';

...and more.

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The Speakers

Paul F. Aubin

Recently named the Member of the Board of Directors at Volterra-Detroit Foundation, Paul is also a widely recognized speaker, author and independent consultant in areas of Revit usage, architectural and realty affairs. Paul has authored books and training video modules where users can learn Revit expertise. Besides, Paul has provided coaching, content creation and implementation services over his 30-year career for several architectural firms. He is also an esteemed speaker at Autodesk University.

Kimberley Fuhrman

From being fascinated by drafting styles and systems of the times before AutoCAD, Kimberly has grown as a drafting and software expert along with Autodesk’s developments. Her skills and fascination for architectural tools have landed her a content manager job at AUGI before, which led her into the Autodesk community. Now she is the Autodesk Revit Community manager, known famously for bouncing around Revit Ideas. Kimberley believes in Architecture and Civil Engineering as contributing positively to our environment and leaving a legacy in sustainability for the upcoming generations.