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We are based on collective work and shared knowledge

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Most of us are qualified to undertake our role or, have extensive training and experience in the area we are working in.

Architects and engineers interested in being a part of Virtual Building Studio’s BIM division need to have a graduate degree along with a proper understanding of various software and the AEC market of India, the US & the UK. 

Design and engineering skills are often tested as part of the selection process and the test may include questions regarding the following: 

Project managers and coordinators would be required to demonstrate quantifiable evidence of their literacy skills and experience, including on-job work experience. All applicants would be required to display reading and writing English comprehensive proficiencies, in addition to, the ability to communicate effectively with our clients.

We offer the best service so we need to ensure that we have the best employees working for us.


As part of our commitment to quality and excellence, we help our employees progress at all levels.

Through comprehensive training and rigorous assessment, we ensure employees achieve their benchmark in relevant departments. For that we have entered have internal management staff with the qualifications to do so. Through comprehensive training and rigorous assessment, we aim to help our clients understand that all employees have achieved their benchmark in relevant departments.

All employees also have access to Virtual Building Studio’s BIM Academy, which conducts twice-a-week sessions on BIM standards, communication and soft skills. Specific task training is also undertaken on the variety of software packages utilized and all staff are encouraged to continue with their professional qualifications.

virtual building studio

You can check the vacancies page to see our current openings.

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