Whenever employees join Virtual Building Studio, there are some basic problems they may face. They feel excited for new opportunity, new team; however, there is also a tiny part of fear along with it no matter the what is the position of Employee (be it Jr. Level or Sr. Level).
Hence, it becomes important to plan his / her joining process. If the formalities are done as per the plan, the New joiner shall start feeling comfortable and will definitely start gaining confidence to work. Therefore, Virtual Building Studio is committed to give them a complete Hand Holding until the Employee gets settled.
HR being the Face of the Organization and first point of Contact for any Employee, is prepared for ON Boarding activities of the Candidate. Basically, ON Boarding is celebrated in the Company.
Here are some basic needs for ON Boarding of any candidate:

Virtual Building Studio has candidates from BIM Methodology and we do below things for them on the day of On Bording,

  • We welcome them with a Fresh Excited Mind (show your excitement of welcoming the new employee)
  • We elaborate the Company Profile, Brief them about the Teams and Organizational Structure
  • Give them a precise idea about policies and processes followed in the Company
  • Planning for their Role: The HR SPOC has Job Description ready with them while the ON Boarding activities are going on. Communicate their Growth plan advise them about their key milestones.
  • Give them a Joining Kit consisting of all the materials they require in the future. (They should not need to run here and there for small things like a Diary or a pen)
  • Not to forget the documentation part here. Review the documents carefully on the day 1 itself, to avoid follow up with the new employee.
  • Break the Ice: It’s very important to break the Ice between current Employees and New Joiners. The New joiners should feel comfortable and excited to work in the atmosphere.
    Well, the process does not end here… we do

The first impression is Last impression. What the employees feel on the day 1 shall remain in their minds even after they leave the Company – help them get a Great picture about Organization.

Commitment of Virtual Building Studio: we are committed towards our Employees’ Success, their Growth and Opportunities, and comfort of working.
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