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Projects that involve retrofitting and renovation can benefit from laser scanning, which is used to record every aspect and feature of a structure to produce an accurate model. Scan to BIM has revolutionized the way builders work on projects specially when renovating or retrofitting old buildings because the plans of these structures may have already been lost or unavailable.

Designers, owners, and constructors can have the point-cloud data from the scans to be converted into Revit models in the shortest, most efficient, and accurate way possible.

Providers of laser scanning to BIM services optimize the amount of detail where point cloud data is transformed into Revit and into other formats, like BIM 4D, 6D, 7D, and 5D models.

Scan to BIM services are applicable in architecture, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, structural, fire, and other disciplines that may require a quick way to render a structure model. The services can cover surface structuring and tracing from point cloud data.

Likewise, it can provide point cloud to BIM 4D for scheduling, 5D for cost estimation, 7D for facility management, and 6D for sustainability optimization. Service providers can scan the structure and make the results compatible with commonly used software like Undet, Kubit, Revit, and Leica CloudWorx.

With scan to BIM, you can capture detailed information about the building without needing to look for old plans and drawings. This way, the service enables accurate and precise data usage. It helps speed up the completion of the project as it eliminates the guesswork involved in determining an old structure build.

The service can help you measure points in the scan to find the true dimensions of the structure, and you can import or export the data in a format that your software supports.

Scan to BIM may be useful in reading survey data meant for as-built conditions, too. With this service, building renovations can be carried out safely and efficiently without affecting the original structure integrity.

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