Recognizing The Value Of BIM In The AEC Industry

Building information modelling (BIM) is a process of designing the building collaboratively with a coherent system of computer models instead of making different sets of drawings. In this way, BIM can provide a faster and a more productive way to generate accurate and detailed multi-dimensional drawings.

Reputable building studios offering BIM to the AEC industry have become a valuable aspect of architecture, engineering, and construction industries, as they help clients explore the duration of a series of events while providing insights into the progress of a project. Around 50 percent of the AEC industry is already relying on BIM modelling services, and they found BIM to be beneficial to their business.

Research conducted by McGraw-Hill Construction found that two-thirds of BIM users have seen an increase in their ROI with BIM and that 93 percent of users believe in the potential to gain higher value from BIM in the longer run.

As long as you consider working with established providers of BIM modelling services, you can trust their expertise and the quality of their results to help you achieve the benefits of BIM.

Seasoned building studios offer 4D BIM modelling services that are helpful in extracting quantities and 4D phasing/sequencing outputs. Parameters of the construction activity are incorporated into the models based on a bar-chart, and they are added for document sequencing, study, site management, and phasing. Visual schedule layering is used to build the models differently.

This way, BIM modelling services can be helpful in extracting IFC exports, which can be integrated with different project management and cost estimating software.

Reputable BIM modelling studios offer 5D BIM modelling, too, which lets the AEC industry visualize their construction activities progress and the related costs over a span of time.

With 5D virtual design and construction models, AEC professionals can obtain complete information on material requirements and their costs at each stage in the construction project. Changes in the design can easily be reflected and applied to update factors, such as the related costs and the estimation of material quantities.

Providers of BIM modelling services can let you take 5D BIM to your site, with all the drawings for assembly, execution, and installation. Their multi-disciplinary team will ensure the provision of coordinated and integrated drawings to simplify the process of exporting them to fabrication drawing software.


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The Virtual Building Studios has emerged as a leader in providing BIM services & solutions to some of the top design firms & construction companies from the USA, UK, Singapore, Australia, and Canada. The Virtual Building Studio is promoted by practicing architects based in the USA with over 16 years of combined experience in global architectural practices and Professional management consulting services.

They offer services to add value to our customer business by providing innovative, high tone, time bound and cost effective single-stop solution for all integrated AEC services.

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