Key Facts


3D BIM Model, 5D Quantity Take-Off, Clash Detection and Coordination




37 Km Railline including 2 km underground tunnel and 26 stations




Structure and Facade

The 37km Light Rail Transit 3 (LRT3) is the third light rail line planned to be developed in Malaysia. The line, which includes a 35km viaduct and a 2km underground tunnel, will link Bandar Utama with Johan Setia in Klang.

The task is to create Steel structure LOD 400 modeling for Coordination and quantity purpose.
Virtual Building Studio was involved in performing the Structural and Architectural facade modelling for the project. Using the BIM workflow and tools like Clash detection and Quantity Estimation, the infrastructure project experienced efficiency in the extraction of Design Drawings since the generation of drawings took place once the coordination procedure was completed, making sure the Design Drawings are Coordinated as well, reducing the constructability issues on site at the minimum.

1. LOD 400 Structural & Architectural Façade Model 2. Clash Detection & Coordination 3. Quantity Estimation 4. Constructability Review 4.Providing the client with regular WIP models and reports each week, ensuring they were kept up to date with progress.