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Why MEPF Engineering – An Overview

MEPF engineering services ensure the smooth functioning of architects, contractors, and building owners’ working processes. Virtual Building Studio provides that your construction and renovation projects escalate their performance with minimized cost. Our MEPF experts analyze the individual building system by considering the entire context of the project.

Whether you have a brand-new construction project or want to reconstruct an existing structure, we provide integrated solutions to all MEPF problems, including lighting, plumbing, firefighting, and engineering services. Our BIM MEPF engineers are ready to:

Mechanical Engineering Services (HVAC Engineering Service)

Get access to advanced HVAC engineering services that provide vehicular environment comfort.  

The HVAC system is a subsidiary technology of mechanical engineering. Heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning services offer thermal comfort and ensure acceptable indoor air quality based on thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and heat transfer theory.

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Our outstanding mechanical BIM services regulate a healthy and safe building environment with the control of adequate temperature and humidity by incorporating outside’s fresh air. Our experts recapitulate decisions and evaluate the HVAC designs throughout the process of the project’s life cycle.

Electrical Engineering Services

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Get sustainable functioning of the electrical system and its components with us!.  

Electrical engineering service provides you an overview of how much power you need in building construction and how to fulfill all your electricity-related requirements. Our Electrical engineers’ team drafts electrical designs that include lighting, mechanical power, electrical riser diagram, panel board schedules, power circuits, etc..

Our electrical solutions optimize and collaborate all the power system components and ensure smooth operations of the construction process at the most affordable prices. Our highly upgraded solutions are designed to provide that your electric system is efficient, reliable, safe, and up-to-date.

Plumbing Engineering Services

Strengthen water networks behind the walls to function fittingly.

Plumbing engineering ensures the water or fluid supply at every aspect of construction. Hence, plumbing engineers work with pipes, valves, tanks, and plumbing fixtures to facilitate smooth flow to water or fluid. Our plumbing service basket includes a sustainable sewage system, septic system, and greywater recovery system.

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We practice incorporating environment-friendly water-saving techniques and custom plumbing designs that suit your projects and retrofits when it comes to plumbing BIM services. We improve the overall plumbing system of the building by considering all water conservation measures.

Fire Protection System

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Guard your assets against the biggest enemy of the building – Fire

Fire fighting is the amalgamation of science and engineering to protect people and property from the detrimental effect of fire and smoke. Fire fighting engineers identify fire risks and design all significant safeguards that prevent and control the impact of fire and meet property safety and protection goals.

Our specialized firefighting services detect the fire by a fire alarm system and protect your building and people with a fire suppression system, emergency exits, and fire lifts. We ensure harmless firefighting features which don’t let you harm a single thing or a person.

How MEP Services Can Lead to Sustainable Progress?

MEP coordination services solve every issue or problem that arises at the initial stage of construction until completing the project’s life cycle. MEP services improve operations related to design-bid-build or Private Public Partnership processes. Further, it includes:

BIM MEP Coordination services provide ease of working to all parties involved in the construction project at any stage. It ensures the seamless performance of all operational aspects with smooth coordination and collaboration.

Get Professional Design and Drafting MEP BIM Services by Collaborating With Us Now!

We are the leading MEP design and drafting service provider offering a complete series of civil engineering services to global clients. We have successfully gained X+ years of experience in providing successful MEP services and delivering 100% satisfaction.

Our magnificent MEP BIM modeling oversees MEP contractors’ requirements, and we facilitate errorless operations within on-site construction or restoration of any building or other structure.

How Virtual Building Studio’s MEP Service Can Do Wonders for Your Project?

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    MEP experts are responsible for handling and maintaining automated systems. These experts are directly involved in designing, building, establishing, and maintaining the latest tools and components, including the mechanical machinery; they play a strategic role in constructing, implementing, monitoring, and offering various mechanical-related operations.

    Yes, HVAC installation and also its maintenance is a part of modern MEP services. Our MEP experts play a significant role in optimizing HVAC systems so that your building faces no challenge of poor air quality-related issues. Our experts will also help in executing automation for HVAC systems.

    When it comes to our MEP services pricing, we ensure that you get maximum output in minimum investment. Our charges are calculated using the ‘per square feet’ basis structure, but the expertise we hold is at par with industry players. Share with us your requirements, and we will offer you a free quote.

    When you hire us for your MEP requirements, our MEP experts will help you right from planning and designing your mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) system. MEP engineers’ team plays an active part in advancing the policies standard, reviewing procedures, and evaluating tools for all your MEP matters. Along with this, we help you prepare, review drawings, specifications, and cost estimates.

    MEP shop drawings play an advancing role in helping contractors and engineers refer to drawing sets. Based on this, they can proactively mitigate the risk of any faults even before commencing the construction. It also helps finalize the placement of heating vents and air conditioning systems and has detailed specifications for installing and fabricating ducts, custom piping connections, and air-handling units.

    Early-stage designs and advanced MEP solutions can define your project’s success; thus, choosing a reliable company and having good experience should be prioritized. The next deciding factor should be the detailed portfolio highlighting past work and determining the ability to collaborate and deliver successfully. The technology used, the experience of MEP engineers, and the ability to handle mechanical issues also play a significant role.

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