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LiDAR Processing Services

LiDAR technology enables data capture on-field by lighting the target using pulsed laser. As LiDAR also provides elevation data, it finds applications in several industries.

VBS provides a wide range of LiDAR data processing services that help in creating Digital Elevation Models (DEM), Digital Terrain Models (DTM) and Triangulated Inverse Networks (TIN) to provide highly accurate detail of the Earth’s surface.

VBS LiDAR data processing services have helped global industries in making informed decisions about their business. LiDAR data processing services enable the electrical utility industry with efficient planning and maintenance of electric networks. LiDAR classification also gives a supporting hand to the agricultural sector by watershed delineation and crop assessment mapping using LiDAR point cloud-data. This way, LiDAR classification and LiDAR data processing assists many industrial sectors in planning and making informed decisions.







Natural Resources

Electric & Gas



LiDAR data processing services

  • LiDAR data processing of electrical utilities
  • Watershed delineation using LiDAR data processing techniques
  • LiDAR data processing of forestry area
  • LiDAR data processing of agricultural features
  • LiDAR data classification /point cloud classification
  • LiDAR data processing of oil and gas networks

Addition services

  • Data cleansing and noise removal
  • Bare Earth & non-ground LiDAR classification
  • Generation of DTM and contours
  • Vectorisation and feature extraction
  • Image overlay and point cloud colorization


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