GIS Services

Digital Photogrammetry Services

We offer a wide variety of photogrammetric services such as aerial photogrammetry and digital photogrammetry to our clients worldwide.

LiDAR Data Processing Services

Our LiDAR data processing service assists many industrial sectors in planning and making informed decisions.

GIS Data Capture

GIS data capture is a technique in which the information on various map attributes, facilities, assets, and organizational data are digitized and organized on a target GIS system in appropriate layers.


Survey has played an important role in collecting data from areas that don’t have updated maps. Survey maps also play a crucial role in ground truthing the concerned area for creation of accurate land information maps.

Remote Sensing

Virtual Building Studio’s expertise in remote sensing branches out to meet classification, image correction, image enhancement, image processing and change detection services.

3D Building Landmarks

3D landmarks are digital 3D models of buildings like places of worship, towers, famous historical monuments and other important buildings.

Parcel Mapping

At Virtual Building Studio, the land parcels are created for efficient and effective land management.

Topographical Mapping

Virtual Building Studio’s topographic mapping service helps telecom and transport services by helping with route planning, thematice data preparation, and decision making.

Municipal GIS

Our Municipal GIS service helps to manage various tasks, of a municipality, such as property and socio economic data management and holding registration amongst other tasks.

Cadastral Mapping

At Virtual Building Studio, we incorporate exact area, dimensions, and other topographical classifications of the properties or of individual packages of land.

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BIM Services

We offer 2D to 7D BIM services to architects, engineers, contractors, building owners & all other stakeholders. Our team of experts is capable of handling complex projects.


CAD Drafting Services

We specialize in CAD drafting services ranging from PDF to CAD conversion to Red Line Markup drafting. We provide seamless communication and technical support throughout the project life. We document our client’s standards and produce high quality drawings.


3D Visualization Services

We produce high quality photorealistic rendered images for our clients. Our team has vast experience in developing exterior as well as interior computer-generated imagery (CGI), 3D walkthroughs and furniture and product renderings.


Architect & Engineering

Our team works closely with the clients to provide assistance in value engineering, design validation & constructability review.


GIS Services

Our team is specialized in working on Scan to BIM project. We have special tools and plugins to efficiently convert heavy point cloud survey data into a refined BIM model of highest quality.


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