Construction Simulation Phasing and Cost Estimation Using BIM

With respect to the growing magnitude of the construction industry both in depth and width, Owners and Contractors have utilized BIM Technology efficiently to Track the Construction Progress on Site with respect to the Initial Timelines and Milestones at Project initiation.

In addition to this, Cost Estimation which is a very imperative factor for Engineering and Procurement has also been facilitated by this digital transformation of Virtual Construction.

The most common issues are:

  • Inaccurate project planning & estimates during initial stages due to absence of sufficient data
  • No planning or readiness for change orders
  • Administration errors caused due to system flaws or human errors
  • Poor operational work flow and un- streamlined processes

We, at the Virtual Building Studio, provide BIM services to our clients through detailed engineering and quality control using our ample expertise ranging from design to on-site installation. Our experts help clients in identifying and eliminating high-cost areas by re-designing MEPF services and resolving constructability issues.

Our team has been consistently working towards ensuring on-time project delivery and quality outputs. We have successfully handled a wide range of BIM projects with varying complexities for our clients in the USA, the UK, Singapore, Australia, and the UAE.

We are committed to providing our clients with the best of the opportunities that ensure their growth and success. We have been working towards establishing a firm foothold in the BIM industry, and our team of experts is leading the way.

Complex site coordination and establishment staging are some of numerous likely applications for perception. Realistic portrayals, made to comprehend time sensitive cycles, predicts clashes and study likely arrangements. 4D adds the time factor of the development timetable to the 3D BIM model.

We can legitimately interface every action of a Gantt outline (created in venture the board programming, for example, Primavera or Microsoft Undertaking) to the BIM.

These energized models speak to the arranged development succession set against time. The fundamental reason for a development staging recreation is to give an apparatus that will enable the development to group envision strategic issues or failures.

The recreation uncovered subtleties, for example, out-of-succession work, planning clashes between various exchanges, “consider the possibility that” situations, and large-scale level development staging systems all so as to accomplish the streamlining of the development plan.

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