We have provided BIM services for Singapore based BIM consultancy firm.

Project Name: Nursing Home

Level Of Development: LOD-300

BIM Software: Revit 2013

Discipline : Architecture, Structure, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing And Fire


The client is reputed BIM consultancy & modeling service provider. Their clients are mainly medium & big-sized Architecture, Engineering & Construction firm. They also offer project based BIM implementation services.

How Virtual Building Studio helped

We undertook and in depth study of their drafting methods and document procedures and produced a detailed plan outlining all the tasks. After careful consideration the client outsourced their complete BIM model responsibility to Virtual building Studio. This decision firstly allowed their staff to concentrate on design activity and on site issues; and secondly, provided the additional resources they required at a lower cost base and without the physical office space and associated overheads. The transition focused on a number of areas which included:

Services delivered

Virtual Building Studio not only delivered a service which enabled the client to meet the deadlines but also streamlined the process and work flow which has improved constructability.

virtual building studio
virtual building studio
virtual building studio
virtual building studio