//AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) Industry & BIM (Building Information Modeling)

The AEC Industry is getting a great Transformation into BIM. The experienced and Qualified BIM Professionals will need to lead, manage and implement this transformation. Experienced and qualified BIM professionals will have responsibility to secure the continuity and minimal stability in this period. They will lead, manage and cope with this transformation. If you are a BIM Professional, you are sure to be hired for the digital transformations and digital models.

//What is BIM: It is an Intellectual 3D based Virtual model, that gives an exact idea about the final Building and supports to efficiently plan, design, construct and manage building and infrastructure.

//Which Students can opt for BIM??: Architecture & Engineering Students

The BIM Employees are from Structures, Architecture, and Mechanical and Electrical field.

//Their Future Role will be: BIM Managers & BIM Coordinators

//Which Industries use BIM:

Architecture, Structure, Mechancal firm, Contractors and Builders

//Future of BIM:

BIM is expected to be a Standard in Coming future, in developed Countries. A number of AEC Companies are planning to hire BIM Professionals in upcoming years. So, BIM Career shall be the Solid Career option for the Personnel. The Professionals will have a Desk Job, and they will get the experience of Construction industry. It is a White Collared software based job, with high salary giving Opportunities.

//About Virtual Building Studio

Virtual Building Studio, gives training and handholding on LIVE construction projects using BIM methodology.
Students who’re interested do get in touch at hr@virtualbuildingstudio.com